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Release Notes for GravityZone Cloud Platform

GravityZone is regularly updating to bring new security features and improvements. The release notes aim to highlight the changes delivered with each update of the GravityZone Cloud platform.


Please note that some GravityZone solutions may have fewer features than you can view in the release notes. Learn more about the differences between solutions from the Compare Bitdefender GravityZone solutions webpage.

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Known Issues


  • The Advanced Threat Control module is incompatible with Citrix EdgeSight.
  • On-demand scan tasks do not run on MacBookPro 10.1.


  • The Login from new device notification does not include the IP of the unrecognized device.


  • The Applied/Pending column in the Policies page displays the status for device policies.
  • When location-aware policy is active, exclusions for items restored from quarantine apply to the device policy.
  • After a policy is modified, its status from computer details does not change from Applied to Pending, although it is reapplied immediately.

Sandbox Analyzer

  • Manual Submission is incompatible with Internet Explorer 9.


  • When upgrading the security agent through a relay, the status message in the Details section of the Task Status window is empty for successfully finished tasks.

Update Instructions

The GravityZone Cloud platform updates automatically. We inform you through various channels when an update is scheduled to roll out, so that you can postpone any tasks you have planned for that time.

During the update:

  • Access to Control Center is restricted.
  • All managed endpoints remain protected.
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