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Stay Ahead of Evolving IoT Cyber Threats

As the number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices grows every day, so does the need to protect them from cyber-attacks.

Many smart devices have limited or no built-in security, giving rise to significant cybersecurity and data privacy concerns.

IoT security should not be an afterthought.

Partner with Bitdefender
for IoT Cybersecurity

Bitdefender provides a full stack of innovative IoT security technologies that help you stay ahead of IoT cyber threats and deliver powerful IoT security to your customers, enabling you to realize the full potential of IoT.

As a trusted global cybersecurity provider, we are working with leading Router Manufacturers and other Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Internet Service Providers, Telecommunications Carriers, and other Network Equipment Providers worldwide to build a secure foundation for IoT devices and ecosystems.

Why Integrate Bitdefender's IoT Security Technologies?

Bitdefender has revolutionized IoT cybersecurity by developing the industry’s first IoT security solution for all connected home devices, Bitdefender BOX.

We are now extending the same level of trusted IoT cybersecurity technology to our partners worldwide.

Integrate Bitdefender’s advanced, 2nd generation IoT security technologies into your products or services, and gain a competitive advantage in the market, secure more revenue and build customer trust and loyalty.

Secure ALL smart devices, including PCs, smart phones, tablets, smart TVs, gaming consoles, Wi-Fi thermostats, and any other Internet-connected devices.

Complete Visibility & Control

View and effectively manage all your connected devices in real-time.

Gain total visibility and control of connected devices, network activity and potential cyber security threats. The Bitdefender IoT cybersecurity technologies enable you to discover, identify and classify all the devices in the network and helps you effectively manage, monitor and control them.

Powerful Security & Privacy Protection

Protect IoT devices against advanced threats with multi-layer security.

Bitdefender offers the right mix of technology and expertise to detect and block known and unknown security threats. Stay protected against vulnerability exploitation, data theft, malware attacks such as ransomware and APTs, password attacks, DDoS attacks, or rogue software.

Ease of Integration & Deployment

Secure the IoT while focusing on your core competencies.

In addition to being easy to integrate and deploy, Bitdefender technologies are 100% compatible with your network and accommodate both legacy and future infrastructure. Benefit from flexible licensing and business models, as well as extensive business and technical support.

What Makes Us Different

IoT Security
Antimalware Engine
AI & Machine Learning
Perfected in Years
Global Threat
Intelligence Cloud

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Router Manufacturers

Stand out in the market by offering a router that protects all connected home devices.

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Internet Services Providern

Secure your users and network infrastructure, and make the most of new market opportunities.

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Other Bitdefender Partners

Expand your product or service offering with IoT cybersecurity technology.

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Discover the Bitdefender IoT Security Technologies

Protect all connected and operationally critical devices at the edge, gateway and network-level.

Privacy & Data Protection

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Partnering with Bitdefender brings you smart, 2nd generation IoT cybersecurity technology, and all the business and technical support needed for a successful IoT security implementation.